Choir Audition

Sutherland Shire Childrens Choir AuditionsProspective members are invited to attend an audition. 

Choir auditions take approximately 10 minutes and take place in a non-intimidating, friendly and supportive environment. The conductor teaches some simple vocal activities and a short song. The children sing together in a group. This enables the conductor to assess each child’s suitability for the choir and to group new members with children who are at a similar level of development. No individual singing is required and there is no need to prepare anything for the audition.

Parents are advised in writing of the outcome of the audition with information about how to enrol.

Free Trial Rehearsal

All students who are successful in the audition are invited to attend a free trial choir rehearsal. The session is fun and gives the child a real taste of the activities that we offer and an indication of what weekly choir rehearsals are like.

The audition and free trial rehearsal are informative for parents who are invited to watch. Contact us to arrange a free trial lesson!

Rehearsal Location

Rehearsals are currently being held at:

Sutherland Pensioner's Centre, 749 Old Princess Hwy (Rawson Ave) Sutherland which is a brown brick building opposite Boyle St.

We are conveniently located near Sutherland train station and shops.  


Sutherland Shire Childrens Choir PerformancesAll Sutherland Shire Children's Choir members take part in two major concerts (end of Term 2 and Term 4) and a CD recording in Term 3. The Performing Choir & Teen Voices receive extra performance opportunities at various events and have the opportunity to audition for solo parts. All concert venues are located locally in the Sutherland Shire.

By performing with their level group as well as in the massed songs, choristers feel comfortable performing on stage even at a very young age and find the concert experience to be a lot of fun! Choristers experience significant growth in confidence due to the thrill of performing.

Top 10 Reasons to Join the Sutherland Shire Children's Choir

1. You get to be loud. You are actually encouraged to make noise.

2. Friendship. You are sure to make some new friends.

3. Fun!  Enjoy singing lots of different songs and playing singing games.

4. Develop confidence and self-esteem.

5. Bring home A’s. Research shows that students who sing in vocal groups get better grades than students who don’t. To learn music is to learn a new language and it’s the only activity that activates, stimulates and uses the entire brain. 

6. Make your CV shine. Potential employers/selective schools love to see that you’re involved in extracurricular activities—especially an activity like choir, which develops teamwork skills and self discipline.

7. A child who sings is a happy child.  Their sound is pure and resonant, coming from their very heart.  There is no sense of judgment or inhibitions.

8.  Singing is scientifically proven to improve your health.

9. You don’t need an expensive instrument- all you need is your fab voice.

10. Your friends and family will love watching you perform and receiving your CD for Christmas!


Singers are offered a position in a specific level of the choir for the following year. The level offered is based on the teacher’s assessment during the audition. 

We expect all choristers to commit to the choir for the full year so that the choir has continuity and time to develop as a group.  Places are guaranteed until the enrolment deadline.


All current choristers are invited to re-enrol at the end of each year.

Choristers are offered a position in a specific level of the choir for the following year. The level offered is based on the teacher’s assessment of development over the choir year. Places are guaranteed until the enrolment deadline.


A condition of enrolment is that you understand and agree that photos, videos and recordings will be taken of your child.  We have a photographer at most performances and we allow parents, members of the audience and event organisers to take their own photos and video recordings. These will be posted on social media and used for the promotion of the choir.

Tuition Fees

We make it a priority to keep fees to a minimum.  Tuition fees work out at $15 - $18 per rehearsal (depending on the choir level and length of rehearsal).  The cost of the choir shirt and participation in performances etc is included. Sibling discounts apply.  Fees can be paid upfront or in instalments.

Child Protection Policy

Cantabile Music is committed to providing a safe environment for children.  All staff undergo a Working With Children Check and are familiar with the requirements of the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act.