"Miss Natalie’s ability to teach kids the joy of song is truly remarkable. I’m particularly impressed with how she engages with even the youngest choristers from a place of respect and trust. She assumes competence and success and the children happily rise up to meet her. My child is learning much more than singing under Miss Natalie’s care. My child’s confidence and creative spirit benefits greatly from being part of Sutherland Shire Choir."

Linda Leney- Mother of Rose Leney

"Both my children have taken part in the Sutherland Shire Children's Choir. At first I was reluctant to let my son join as he has a short attention span and I thought he would get bored easily. I was wrong! Natalie is such a fantastic teacher. She engages each and every child in the choir not only by singing, but also musical games that they thoroughly enjoy. She helps improve their confidence and the children get to perform at two concerts throughout the year. Being part of the choir has also assisted my children to be part of a group, have a sense of belonging, and to interact with new friends. A real highlight has been the professional CD recording that the children take part in. My children have loved giving a copy to their grandparents and also taking it to school to share with their classmates. My daughter has loved the choir so much that she has taken up private singing lessons as well. This has improved her self confidence and puts a smile on her face every time she starts singing away. I can highly recommend Natalie and the Sutherland Shire Children's Choir."

Kathryn Harriss- Mother of Emily and Oliver Harriss

"I am so grateful that Abi has had the opportunity to sing in your choir. Her singing has improved so much. We can all hear the difference in her tone and her pitch is far more accurate. Even she can now hear when she hasn’t got it right. I was afraid that she had lost the art! Thank you so much for your contribution to choral music in the Shire. You are providing a firm foundation for the children and the work you do with them is admirable"

Genevieve Webb - Grandmother of Abigail Webb and member of Sutherland Shire Choral Society

"Hi Natalie,

I would like to say thank you to both yourself & the other teacher you have working with you!  Your efforts have been above & beyond. Holly told us what a great time she had this evenings wrap up party for term 3. That each of the children get a certificate for their efforts is so touching!  My other little girl Kate said "that looks like so much fun".  Thank you from both Jarrod & I for making the choir such a lovely environment."

Wendy Graham- Mother of Holly Graham

"Hi Natalie.  Just wanted to say thanks for organising such a wonderful concert.  All kids seemed to enjoy the concert so much.  They had so much enthusiasm.  Sofia had so much fun and you could see it in her eyes what a good time she had.  Thanks again, Natalie.  You are doing a marvellous job with the kids.  A very grateful mum Birgit."

Birgit von der Hocht - Mother of Sofia von der Hocht

"She's getting a great music education and noticeable improvement to her singing ability. I love that the weekly choir classes are age appropriate and include lots of fun and opportunities to move. She's also had some fantastic experiences with the two concerts and CD recording."

Suzy Harries- Mother of Chiara Tati

"He has learned fantastic musicality, harmonising, rhythm and pitch and he's had a lot of fun while learning! Natalie is very well organised and gives the kids very appropriate and appealing music for them to sing."

Karen Barton- Mother of Elliot Barton

"Lauren's singing improved dramatically. She has learnt to harmonise, experienced making a CD, gained confidence in performing, made new friendships, all whilst having fun."

Leanne and Wayne Browne- Parents of Lauren Browne

"Enjoyment, confidence, and increased musical knowledge are the key benefits that come to mind - it has been a wonderful and varied experience for her, with different performance opportunities she has loved."

Rebecca McKeon- Mother of Tamara McKeon

"My daughter is very committed to choir and enjoys going there a lot. I can see that her singing skills have improved a lot and she has more self confdence."

Helen Chiu- Mother of Arianna Chiu

"My daughters confidence has improved through the efforts at choir, and I am seeing that confidence flow through every day life."

Alison Bolton- Mother of Kaelin Bolton

"Sophie has thoroughly enjoyed her 3 years in the choir and I very much appreciate you and Ruth for all your hard work and encouragement. I really believe the choir has helped Sophie to become more confident and she has had a fabulous time."

Skye Keers - Mother of Sophie Keers

“They have both grown in confidence and both aspire to sing solos. Both have expanded their understanding and appreciation of music. They have a shared love of singing and enjoy rehearsing together and having sing offs. The car is always full of music and song! ”

Carolyn Fullicks - Mother of Bianca & Leila Fullicks

"He enjoys the singing practise, the games and the group of children he practices with each week.  He says it's lots of fun and he looks forward to going so that's a good sign!!"

Karin Potter - Mother of Campbell Potter

"Mia has loved every aspect of choir.  It has improved her self confidence and has definately increased her enjoyment of music and singing.  As a parent it has been great value for money too."

Kimberly Bliss - Mother of Mia Bliss

"As Grace is not a 'sporty' type of child she really enjoys being part of the choir team.  She has so much fun and has gained so much confidence.  She is always very eager to attend rehearsals and in fact she looks forward to Wednesdays all week long!"

Barbara Bricknell - Mother of Grace Bricknell                          

"Being part of this choir has given Sean a wonderful sense of confidence and responsibility.  He believes in himself and takes pride in his achievements.  Also great for overcoming shyness.  He has realised the joy that comes from singing and performing, by himself and in a group."

Michele Carney - Mother of Sean Condely

"Her voice has improved and with this, her confidence. She very much enjoys the fun and games."

Trisha Fitzgerald- Great Grandma of Tameika Fitzgerald

"The choir has helped my daughter to sing correctly and meet new friends with mutual enjoyment of singing."

Carmel Vandermaal- Mother of Zara Vandermaal

"My children have gained tremendous self-confidence from being in the choir and really love to sing anytime, anywhere!  They have made lots of friends and look forward to going to choir every week.  Their favourite songs to learn were the Mary Poppins Medley and Rockin' around the Christmas Tree.  Recording the CD was a fantastic experience for them and we love to listen to it at home.  The opportunity to do a solo part in the Performing Choir really boosted Myles' confidence.  Singing also improves their memory and they enjoy singing alot".

Fiona Benyon - Mother of Brooke & Myles Benyon

"In my daughter’s words: "I have enjoyed everything! I have liked learning new songs and learning to sing better and enjoyed the games we play."  She has made new friends, her self-esteen has grown, she is happy and enthusiastic after each rehearsal.  She has  told her friends about the choir and now they are auditioning for next year "

Sharon Rendell- Mother of Elissa Rendell

"Brendan has gained a great deal of confidence.  He practises constantly, and loves coming to choir.  It has been a favulous introduction into performing for him.  It is great seeing him get so much out of the rehearsals and performances.  Thankyou for encouraging him so much!

Emma Mathews- Mother of Brendan Mathews and principal artist with Opera Australia

"Confidence, ability to read music and she loves her teachers."

Nicole Mackenzie- Mother of Innasya Mackenzie

"Isabelle has gained confidence and a sense of accomplishment from her involvement with the choir.  I was very happy with all aspects of the choir.  I was impressed with how much they achieved in our hour a week. Thankyou."

Julie Evans- Mother of Isabelle Evans

"Lot's of confidence.  Socialising with different children. Always a smile on her face when she walks out to me after rehearsals".

Danielle Fitzpatrick- Mother of Holly Fitzpatrick

"Thank you so much for the way in which you manage the choir.  I get endless pleasure from seeing Alet's enjoyment of the choir activities."

Freda van Wyngaardt- Father of Alet van Wyngaardt